The Practice

Anderson Santiago, PLLC is a civil litigation law firm that represents the underdog. We have extensive experience in court and on appeal, and take cases both big and small.

Debt Collection Abuse
  • Anderson Santiago, PLLC is known for its work in defending individuals from abusive debt collection practices.
  • Debt collectors are bound by many state and federal laws, and can be subject to monetary penalties for breaking these laws.
Consumer Protection
  • If you pay money for something and end up hurt or not getting what you paid for (a defective product, a contractor who puts a lien on your home, etc.), we may be able to help.
  • If you are losing a home to foreclosure or have other financial troubles that become legal troubles, we may be able to help.
Civil Litigation
  • We are comfortable in the courtroom and handle a variety of lawsuits, both large and small, for businesses and for individuals.
  • We come from a track record of published victories in state and federal court.
  • We provide mediation services and represent clients in all stages of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings.