The Problem

Case study no. 1: The Debt Collector
When a debt collector won’t back down, and the calls keep coming, and the letters keep showing up, what do I do next? Can the debt collector do these things and say these things? Have they broken the law? How could a lawyer help when money is so tight? Would a lawyer even talk to us?
Case study no. 2: The Bait & Switch
I hired them to fix my roof, but when it started leaking again, I got a ladder and saw that they only stapled some plastic to my roof. Now my floors are ruined and I smell mold. Can I get my money back? Will my insurance cover this? What if someone got hurt because of this?
Case study no. 3: The Dispute
We run a small business and had to let someone go because he couldn't show up to work on time. Now he filed a lawsuit against us, and we’re even losing business because of the lies he is spreading online about our company. How can he sue us? Can we sue him back? What are my rights?

Some problems are too large to fix on our own.  It can be hard to ask for help, and the thought of hiring a lawyer can be intimidating.  It shouldn't be.

When you need someone to fight for you, Anderson Santiago, PLLC is here to level the playing field.  Our consultations are typically free.  In some situations, we can take cases on a contingency fee arrangement (no cost to you unless we win).